♡Introduction to TYPICALJJANIC3♡


welcome to my blog , jjanic3 ^^ this is where i post things about my life , my haul and everything and anything i feel like letting you guys know :IMG_20130119_11IMG_20130119_14this is meee !!! ^^  hahah im 13 this year , study in cvss , sec2 !^^ my babe : zhuwei , jamie and mandy 🙂 those are the ppl who i cant live without ♡♡♡ JANICEKOHXINYING ♡♡♡ i have a little bro ! name KEVAN , his my little sunshine and sweetheart whom i cant live withoutWhen I was a young girl, I climbed trees, built forts, and swam fast. I didn’t shave my legs, wear make-up, sit on the sidelines or wait to lead the charge over a snowbank.^^ so yah , a super short intro ❤ but yeah ! i hope you guys like it and bye !!

and i like fitness ! fitness is good,It boosts your health, brightens your soul, calms your mind, and allows you to do more with your life <– thats why i think tough !

♡♡♡love , janicekoh♡♡♡